Geelen Counterflow Continuous Dryer MkIII


Geelen Counterflow offers a Continuous Dryer MkIII to satisfy the requirements of companies that want to produce high-quality extruded products efficiently and at the lowest operational cost. 

The Continuous Dryer MkIII from Geelen Counterflow dries extruded products in the feed and food industry by passing hot air through one or two layers of product. In Geelen’s system, wet product from the extruder is continuously added to the top of the product beds. At the same time, dried product at the bottom of the product bed is discharged in small quantities to the next drying stage or to the hopper. Geelen has developed a sophisticated automatic control system for drying the individual recipes according to product-specific process parameters such as air volume, air temperature and residence time. The Continuous Dryer MkIII from Geelen dries extruded products with great uniformity. The drying is very homogeneous, resulting in a guaranteed moisture uniformity of +/- 0.5 percent.

Non-saturated air is recycled. Only a small volume — the fully saturated air — is exhausted.

Optimum distribution of the product in the dryer is one of the most important factors for achieving a homogeneous drying result. Consequently, the product distribution system has been completely redesigned in Geelen’s new Continuous Dryer MkIII. The upgraded control system now automatically keeps the product bed at the right height for each product. The new product distributor, which flexibly follows the movement of each product layer, plays an important role here. The ability to control the residence time during production process start-up and shut-down is a further innovation. This eliminates product clumping and inconsistent product quality at the beginning and end of the production process. Finally, the improved airflow results in more homogeneous air distribution. This improves the drying result, making it possible to achieve a product uniformity +/- 0.5 percent. The new Continuous Dryer MkIII is equipped with a number of features which improve hygiene, convenience and speed when cleaning. For example, the discharge system is more accessible. The interior now features easily cleanable walls and smooth curves in areas where dirt and product residue can accumulate.

The new Continuous Dryer MkIII is suitable for energy-efficient drying of extruded products across a capacity range from one to ten tonnes per hour. Geelen Counterflow has its own R&D Department where all its products are designed and developed. Geelen's dryers are designed in a way that minimises the number of moving parts. The stainless steel bodies are double-walled, with fireproof insulation material in between the walls. Geelen's dryers are sold with a 10-year service contract as standard to keep product quality, efficiency and safety at a high level.  

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