Motion Industries MiHow2 video

Motion Industries Mi How2 Video

 Motion Industries, a distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) replacement parts has released the newest installment in the MiHow2 video series featuring Zep Professional Hand Cleaner. The video can now be viewed on the MiHow2 YouTube channel. Filmed with the help of key Motion Industries supplier, Zep Professional, the video shows the power and cost benefit of Zep Professional Hand Cleaner. “Benefits of Using the Zep Professional Hand Cleaner” can now be viewed on the MiHow2 YouTube channel. Each MiHow2 video is filmed in a workshop or appropriate off-site setting and features Motion Industries’ always knowledgeable and comical host, Tom Clark, and a guest from one of the market-leading manufacturers demonstrating a product or application. The series is also available for viewing via Facebook and YouTube. 

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