Sheba Perfect Portions Entrees

Sheba Perfect Portions

 Sheba Perfect Portions Entrees provides cat owners with the convenience of two meat-first meals in one package. Sheba Perfect Portions Entrees contain two separately sealed servings – one on each side of the package to ensure a fresh feline meal every time and zero messy leftovers to be refrigerated. All of the brand's recipes, including Sheba Perfect Portions Entrees, begin with real meat such as beef, poultry or seafood and are formulated without grains, fillers and artificial preservatives or flavors. Sheba Perfect Portions Entrees come in eight varieties – Chicken Entree, Turkey Entree, Salmon Entree, Beef Entree, Chicken & Liver Entree, Chicken & Tuna Entree, Seafood and Whitefish & Tuna Entree. Multi-packs of 12 trays are also available in Poultry (with six Chicken Entrees and six Turkey Entrees) and Seafood (with six Whitefish & Tuna Entrees and six Salmon Entrees) varieties.