Vestkorn Pea Fiber Pellets

 Vestkorn’s pea fiber pellets have been available since January 2015. The innovation has been warmly welcomed and several petfood producers have changed to pea fiber in pellets due to the many advantages, including increased product safety, cheaper logistics, reduced space for storage, easier to handle, and less dust. As the hull of the pea is the part exposed to the environment, there is an increased risk that the hull may have unwanted levels of bacteriological activity. By the Vestkorn pelletizing process, we have proven that the bacteriological activity is controlled and reduced to a low and secure level. For safety we highly recommend to use heat treated hull fiber. Due to higher weight per liter, the pea fiber pellet from Vestkorn will imply cheaper transportation and handling cost both externally and in the processing facility. Higher weight per liter also reduces the space needed for a sufficient stock. The pelletizing of the Vestkorn pea fiber makes the products much easier to handle. The big bag is much more stable and typically also has less height compared to un-pelletized pea fiber. Pea fiber can be a dusty material. The pelletizing reduces the dust and makes the product both easier to handle and improves the environment for workers. This can also imply less cleaning and less wasted material to the benefit both for you and the sustainability. 

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