Allpax tracking system

Allpax Tracking System

 Allpax, powered by Pro Mach, has introduced a comprehensive system for tracking cans, trays, and pouches from filling through sterilization that lowers the risk of product recall of shelf-stable foods. This new Allpax system encompasses tighter information integration between packaging machines, retort room baskets, and the electronic sterilization records of each retort in the cannery. The cannery traceability system gives plant operations personnel an electronic record from filler to retort room for every sterilized batch of products cased and ready to be shipped. The system records whether the contents of each retort basket were properly sterilized. Should problems or questions about a batch crop up, the system provides information that plant personnel can use to trace back through the packaging and sterilization process and identify the conditions that led to the potential quality or health issue.