HavePaws Cheeky Chicken and Talkin’ Turkey treats

Have Paws Cheeky Chicken And Talkin Turkey Treats

 HavePaws treats come in two flavors, Cheeky Chicken and Talkin’ Turkey. Each treat is created with either locally raised chicken or turkey and carefully formulated and infused with the HavePaws signature blend of essential vitamins and minerals for an added nutritional boost to a pet’s diet for a longer and healthy life. The HavePaws goal is to provide America’s pets with treats that are healthy and nourishing without all the additives that actually can harm them. Made from fresh and locally grown meats and other AAFCO-certified ingredients, HavePaws pet treats are grain- and gluten free, and contain none of the fillers and artificial ingredients that can be harmful to pets. The treats are healthy and safe for cats and dogs, and are offered in attractive, easy-to-display reusable pouches.  

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