Ross Inline Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold Mixer

Ross Inline Solids Liquid Injection Manifold Mixer

The newly redesigned Ross Inline Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Mixer includes an operator-friendly work bench for improved material handling. The SLIM Technology works by pumping liquid from a tank while simultaneously drawing powders and other minor components from a hopper. As the liquid stream enters the SLIM’s rotor/stator assembly, it immediately encounters the powder injection under high shear conditions. The resulting mixture is pumped by the mixer back into the tank and recirculates until dispersion is complete. The work bench makes it easier for operators to handle bags and containers of raw materials during the mixing cycle.

This processing method is ideal for a wide range of powders which are challenging to mix into liquid, whether in terms of quantity and/or cycle time. Materials like guar gum, CMC, starch, sugar, milk powder, carrageenan, pectin and xanthan gum are dispersed or dissolved in seconds or minutes, with no lumps or “fish eyes” to filter out. The Inline SLIM differs from other powder induction systems in that it does not require the use of a centrifugal pump, eductor or vacuum pump to create suction. This makes the SLIM less sensitive to changes in flow and viscosity.