Copper’s Classics dog chews

Coppers Classics Dog Chews

Copper’s Classics all-natural, American-made dog chews are minimally processed, single ingredient chews that are made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Program products are exclusively sourced from animals born and raised in the US and are produced and packaged solely in US plants that uphold the highest standards in food safety. With increased demand for American-made treats, pet lovers can be sure Copper’s Classics chews are wholesome products their furry friends will enjoy.

Program products include a variety of beef pizzles, tracheas and beef and pork ears. Copper’s Classics’ parent company, JBS USA LLC, draws on its lamb, beef and pork plants to supply the raw materials for the dog chew program. Having several plants across the US provides the capacity to supply customers of varying sizes and needs with a product they can trust.