Keyence Corp. of America FD-Q series of flow sensors

Keyence Corp Of America Fd Q Series

Keyence Corp. of America has found a way to accurately detect (and monitor) flow of liquid by mounting a device to the outside of a pipe. The new FD-Q series of flow sensors are arguably the simplest devices available to monitor liquid flow.

No pipe modification is needed with the FD-Q series. The unit clamps on to the outside of a pipe and can accurately sense the flow of liquid through metal or resin pipes ranging from ¼” to 2”. The Keyence FD-Q series can literally be mounted to a machine, while running, with a Phillips screwdriver.

Unlike traditional flow sensors, you do not have to shut down the machine, cut the pipe, thread the pipe, add external parts, or have the special knowledge to do all the above. By mounting to the outside of a pipe, cost and time are kept at a minimum. The ease of installation, and associated cost savings with mounting externally, open up countless machines to flow monitoring that were once considered unrealistic.

 The FD-Q series can detect virtually any type of liquid. This includes the flow of water (including deionized), oils, chemicals, consumer products, etc. Limitations of traditional liquid flow sensors do not apply to the FD-Q because the unit does not directly contact the liquid. Concerns of contacting corrosive liquids or contaminating a product are a thing of the past.