Thermo Scientific Versa checkweigher line

Thermo Scientific Versa Checkweigher

The newest models of the Thermo Scientific Versa checkweigher line offer more than 10 engineering and functionality improvements for robust performance. This includes upgraded conveyor design, frame, load cell, reject mechanism, motor and mounting. It offers an optional filler valve monitoring capability that monitors the behavior of up to 16-filler heads and determines if any individual head is not performing correctly.

Thermo Fisher designed the modifications to improve weighing accuracy. This helps to maximize profits by minimizing product giveaway. For combination checkweigher/metal detector systems, optional software provides metal detector reject information on the checkweigher screen. Moving average capability also provides real-time feedback on production metrics.

To help support global usage, screen language options include Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English (UK and US versions), French, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish.

The line is available in two models: the fixed-height Thermo Scientific Global VersaWeigh and the cantilevered Global Versa GP, which allows height adjustment. The Global VersaWeigh is ideal for products up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds), while the Global Versa GP model targets up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds). The company’s global manufacturing and service footprint facilitates international equipment availability and support.

The Versa checkweighers are engineered for wet or dry environments, are easy to clean and can handle a wide range of package sizes. Large, easy-to-read, color touch-screen displays and intuitive design make the units simple to operate.

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