Piab Version 50 Catalog

Piab, manufacturer of industrial vacuum conveyors and components, announces the publication of a new product catalog. Featuring the piFLOW series of vacuum conveyors, the 56 page Version 5.0 catalog is a good resource guide to the product line in a variety of industries including food, chemical and pharmaceutical.

The catalog includes a Piab Vacuum Academy section that explains in detail the principles of vacuum conveying and how it can be used to improve your production process. Terminology is defined and each component of a complete vacuum conveying system is described in detail with illustrations of applications.

Piab’s product line is called piFLOW and is offered in three models, the piFLOWi for industrial applications, the piFLOWf where food grade quality is a demand and piFLOWp for premium applications such as food and pharmaceutical.

 The vacuum generated by piFLOW is produced in the most energy efficient way, namely through utilizing COAX cartridges. The COAX cartridges are smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, which allows for the design of a flexible, modular and efficient vacuum system. Besides having the COAX technology in common, the three piFLOW models are all configurable so you can build the exact conveyor you need. The modularity makes them easy to maintain and clean and they are compact in size. 

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