Baumer CleverLevel series

Baumer CleverLevel series, based on frequency sweep technology, provides a highly flexible and secure solution for performing measurement tasks various types of application.

In the food industry, bulk goods in the form of powdery flour, fibrous spices, fine sugar, coarse coffee and cocoa beans, or whole nuts, are stored temporarily in various large silos or processed in mixing tanks. To ensure that all production steps function smoothly and meet the industry's high-quality standards, the solids must not be allowed to go above or below a specified filling level.

In many applications, it is impossible to gauge the level of the media in the tank from outside through a sight glass. When pressure and temperature rise, coffee, cocoa beans and other granular material emit oil and humidity. When they become damp, powdery solids form lumps. In situations like these, it's impossible to detect the level in the silo just by looking through a glass. Common types of electromechanical sensors, such as the rotating paddle or vibrator types, may give faulty indications, showing the level to be within the limit when it has already been crossed. This can result in unplanned machine stoppages and loss of production, leading to high costs for repair and cleaning. In contrast, CleverLevel, which is maintenance-free, optimizes

processes and reduces operating costs.

 CleverLevel limit switches are available in different versions to allow them to be used in almost any application and positioned where they can work best in the process. In the standard version, the tip of the sensor protrudes only 12 mm into the interior and this allows it to be optimally positioned even with tricky tank geometries or with built in mixers. The 100 mm or 250 mm long variant with a sliding connection can be positioned deeper in the tank. This prevents sticky deposits forming on the tip of the sensor. If space is restricted, the suspended variant can be used and installed from above, through the top of the silo. This is can be used for example when hexagonal silos are grouped together on a small surface. In this configuration, installation of the limit sensors on the silo walls is only possible in some cases. 

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