TAB Industries Wrapper Tornado line

Tab Industries Wrapper Tornado Line

Orbital stretch-wrapping machines in the TAB Wrapper Tornado line from TAB Industries L.L.C. feature an innovative, mobile design with built-in fork pockets that allows the packaging machinery to be safely lifted and transported by forklift. Patent-pending, the mobile TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch-wrappers may be moved from one conveyor, packaging or assembly line to another, from one department to another, and from one building to another to reduce product handling and staging while minimizing the risk of damage to products in process. Once set in place, the machine is simply plugged into an ordinary outlet with a dedicated line for operation.

Ideal for wrapping and protecting tubing and pipe, fabricated metal parts, bulk bags, cartons, stone pavers, 55-gallon drums and virtually any palletized load, the mobile TAB Wrapper Tornado line enables warehouse managers, material handling engineers and other packaging professionals to save on costs by moving a single machine among multiple locations versus installing separate machines at each location. The mobility also ensures the machine is in frequent operation and reduces the potential for idle machine time.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado line wraps plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under an entire palletized load โ€“ including the pallet โ€“ while the load is raised on a forklift or continuously fed from a conveyor to create a single, secure load. The TAB Wrapper Tornado line includes three standard models plus custom sizes and ships from the companyโ€™s Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, headquarters fully assembled with a full warranty.

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