Thermo Scientific NextGuard C500 X-ray detection system

Thermo Scientific Next Guard C500 X Ray Detection System

The Thermo Scientific NextGuard C500 X-ray detection system features an aperture that is 35% wider and 50% taller than previous models, making it well suited to inspect larger-sized products and cases. However, the machine footprint is only 20-30% larger, optimizing production floor space. As with all NextGuard systems, the C500 uses a wide X-ray beam and arc-shaped detector designed to eliminate blind spots in the inspection tunnel.

NextGuard’s performance-oriented features also have been driven by a changing industry landscape. These include evolving HACCP standards, increased use of metalized film packaging (which is problematic for metal detectors) and various wet or semi-frozen foods (cheese, ice cream, bakery products) that do not lend themselves to metal detection due to product effect issues. 

To assure there is enough X-ray power to penetrate thick and dense packaged products, the NextGuard C500 is available with an optional 25% higher power source. This is desirable for products such as large meat/poultry packages, blocks of cheese or ice cream tubs.

Thermo Fisher developed the NextGuard system as an affordable, simple-to-use, performance-oriented X-ray detection system aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership in order to make X-ray detection accessible to companies of all sizes. The NextGuard system is now widely used worldwide in a variety of food manufacturing facilities.

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