Muller LCS Raptor HPL high profile turntable stretch wrapper

Muller Lcs Raptor Hpl High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Muller LCS, a manufacturer of innovative equipment and material load containment solutions, introduces an economical solution for wrapping pallets with its new Raptor HPL high profile turntable stretch wrapper. The Raptor HPL is an intuitive and reliable wrapper that has the additional benefits of having Muller’s popular branding tool, Logo Wrap, and a roping device built in. Logo Wrap, previously only available as an option for the Octopus line of ring stretch wrappers, will promote one’s brand on pallet loads, reduce tampering of product with its one-of-a-kind film, shield product visibility and can be applied anywhere on the load. In addition, Logo Wrap minimalizes waste and labor typically involved with hand-applied stickers and labels and maintains its durability by withstanding the outdoor elements. The roping device feature further ensures greater load containment by tying the load to the pallet.

The heavy-duty, semi-automatic machine, which can wrap up to 35 loads per hour, has an elevated turntable platform (ideal for high debris and harsh environments), intuitive controls and an easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, the patented strain gauge technology allows for electronic film feed and optimized handling on pallet load corners. The turntable also contains a lubrication free power pre-stretch carriage with variable pre-stretch levels from 100% to 300%, guaranteeing users optimal film usage while preventing film breaks and product damage.

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