Pacific Bag Poly Block Bottom Bags with Zipper


Pacific Bag, Inc offers six stock bags as part of the Block Bottom Bags (BBB) packaging line. These bags are offered in single case quantities. They are made of a lightweight 2-Ply polyester/polyethylene film structure made for a variety of products like pet food, specialty food and natural product items.

The bags are available in three color options: clear, matte black, and matte white. In a well-lit grocery store, glossy bags tend to be reflective and can distract the consumer from a product’s logo and branding. These packages are made to direct a customer’s eye to the label or hot stamp. Clear bags are recommended for showing off a product. 

Another feature of the stock bags is the pocket zipper. Installed on the front of the package, the tear/pull tab is a cutout tab that can be easily accessed, opened and closed by the end user. Since the zipper is installed on the front panel, the package is able to fully open for filling during production. 

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