Presto ECOA PT Series Container Tilters


Presto ECOA PT Series Container Tilters tilt containers up to 85˚ to allow workers to access contents without bending into the container. As containers tilt up, items, even those at the bottom, are positioned for easy retrieval. 

These portable, battery powered container tilters are ideal for applications that require sharing between multiple users or work cells, or where workers need to pick up and return containers to and from staging areas. They work with a variety of containers including wire baskets, plastic totes and gaylords.

Power is provided by a 12V maintenance-free, leak-proof battery with internal charger. Optional 115V AC or air motors are available. Tilt is controlled by a pushbutton pendant that allows operators to tilt the load to any angle between 0˚ and 85˚. The units push handle lowers when not in use. A foot-operated floor lock keeps the tilter in position as items are being accessed.

Non-Straddle (PT Series) units work with most standard containers or choose a Straddle (PTS Series) unit for use with containers that have reinforcing leg bars. Both configurations are equipped with 40-inch forks.

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