Munson Machinery Variable Intensity Blender Model VIM-124-SS


Munson Machinery offers a Variable Intensity Blender model VIM-124-SS with six injection ports, allowing liquids in small to large volumes to be combined with bulk food materials to produce pastes and slurries continuously at high rates.

Constructed of stainless steel, the sanitary unit can achieve homogenous blends in as little as 20 seconds residence time depending on material characteristics, yielding up to 200 cu ft (57 m3) of throughput per hour. A large-diameter solid main shaft rotating within the cylindrical vessel is supported by externally mounted bearings with air-purged seals. Large radius welds connecting paddle arms to the shaft permit rapid cleaning and sanitizing.

The agitator is driven by a 20 hp (15 kW) explosion-proof inverter-duty motor with enclosed gear reducer and variable frequency drive that can rotate the agitator at speeds from 600 down to 120 RPM with no overheating.

For wash down, water or cleaning solution is introduced through the ports before running the machine to dislodge any solids adhering to interior surfaces. For difficult-to-clean materials, an available gate at the outlet of the discharge chute allows the vessel to be partially filled with water or cleaning solution prior to running the unit. In either case, it can be drained through a flanged outlet on side of discharge chute.

Contact surfaces and/or the entire support structure are offered in #304 or #316 stainless steel.

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