Baumer Hygienic Pressure Sensor PP20H


Baumer Group offers a Hygienic Pressure Sensor PP20H with condensate-resistant measuring cell for increased operating safety. With a new generation of hygienic pressure sensors in the PP20H family, Baumer closes a gap in its portfolio and also offers a solution for hygienic applications.

The sensor has a robust, IP69K-rated stainless steel housing which is designed to handle a variety of applications, and is equipped with a condensate-proof silicon measuring cell. Its scaled pressure range from -1 to 40 bar and wide range of process connections make it extremely versatile. It is available with 4 ... 20 mA signal and IO-Link. It complies with hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries and is CIP and SIP-capable.

Thanks to the hermetically-sealed measuring element, the measuring cell is insensitive to condensate, even with extreme temperature fluctuations in damp environments. Together with its temperature and long-term stability and accuracy, the sensor guarantees hygienic processes are monitored, controlled and regulated safely. This compact pressure sensor covers the media temperature range from -20°C to 125°C without requiring a cooling line, providing space-savings in installation. Additionally, a variety of applications can be covered by one sensor model. Several sensors can be simultaneously configured via IO-Link. This simplifies switching point adjustment for different process stages at start-up or batch changes.

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