Trigea Trigovit portfolio for pet food


The Trigea Trigovit portfolio for pet food comprises five different product lines, all based on natural and sustainably produced wheat raw materials: Trigovit Starch, modified starches suitable as binding and thickening agents for wet, moist and dry feed; Trigovit Protein, wheat proteins in native or hydrolysed form enrich snacks, wet, moist and dry food with valuable amino acids, and improve agglomeration and water retention; Trigovit Tex, textured wheat proteins obtained by extrusion can replicate meat structures to improve nutritional value, texture and shelf life in a hybrid or even vegan end product; Trigovit Mix, a tailor-made starch-based premix delivers high binding and thickening properties, and optimizes production processes as well as the sensory appeal, appearance and texture of the end product; and Trigovit Flour, extruded pregelatinised wheat flours with high solubility and good binding properties for viscous, moist and semi-moist applications like puppy and kitten milk.

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