Gericke ATEX-certified rotary valves


Gericke ATEX-certified rotary valves are designed to reduce risk in pneumatic conveying systems. The explosion-proof rotary airlock valves allow combustible powders, pellets, granules and other dry materials to be safely and efficiently conveyed into classified areas while providing a flame barrier and helping to contain explosive events. Often installed as dry solid feeding devices, the Gericke rotary valves effectively isolate upstream processes from downstream explosive events to prevent material stored in a hopper and/or in transit from exacerbating the situation.

Ideal for providing a high level of protection in areas where an explosive atmosphere due to combustible dust is likely to occur or remain present during normal operation, Gericke rotary valves are available in more than 15,000 configurations for a wide variety of installations. The line of valves encompasses the Hypergienic Series for food, pharmaceutical and other sanitary processes; the Heavy-Duty Series for plastics, minerals and biomass; and the Extra Heavy-Duty Series for cement, silica sand and other highly abrasive materials.


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