Printpack Preserve sustainable pet food packaging


Printpack offers the Preserve line of sustainable pet food packaging to provide pet owners with fresh and safe food for their pets while being conscientious stewards of the environment. The Preserve brand encompasses three types of sustainable packaging: Preserve PE, packaging that meets the accepted design standards for recyclability through How2Recycle; Preserve PCR; packaging that contains post-consumer recycled materials (materials that have served their original purpose and have subsequently been recycled to produce a new product); and Preserve Renewable, packaging that is manufactured from renewable sources such as corn, sugar cane or trees. The performance benefits of Preserve structures are comparable to existing, less sustainable structures. Preserve packaging is available in standard barrier or high barrier in clear or white films in the following formats, which are ideal for dry pet food or treats: QuadSeal, flat bottom bags, stand-up pouch, roll stock, pillow pouch and lidding tray. These format options can be flexo, roto or digitally printed.

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