Automated Flexible Conveyor SPIRALFEEDER

Afc Spiralfeeder

The Automated Flexible Conveyor SPIRALFEEDER line sets a rotating screw auger within an enclosed outer tube to automatically transfer powders, granules, blends, flakes, and/or other dry, bulk materials from one point in the process to another within a sealed, dust-tight system. The line of conveyors is frequently used for transferring one or multiple materials from or into hoppers, mixers, reactors, tablet presses, bulk bag fillers and other equipment when gentle, quiet, reliable conveying is required.

SPIRALFEEDER features a stainless steel screw auger and infeed hopper with continuous welds, polished finish and UHMW polyethylene outer tube for processing food, pharmaceutical, nutrition, and other products. The standard model SPIRALFEEDER includes a heavy-duty screw auger in a choice of carbon or stainless steel with an industrial finish while the portable model sets the entire mechanical conveying system on rugged, non-marking casters for easy movement from one area to another.

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