Volkmann Vibratory Feeder Dosing System

Volkmann Vibrating Feeder Dosing System

Volkmann Vibratory Feeder Dosing System automatically meters amounts of powders into mixers, reactors, dryers, coolers, hoppers, pneumatic vacuum conveying systems, and other process equipment. Vibratory Feeder Dosing System features a proprietary pneumatic piston vibrator that sets the powder or other bulk material in a uniform layer across the dosing tray while gently advancing the material toward discharge in a first-in, first-out process.

Suitable for feeding food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and other powdered ingredients. Vibratory Feeder Dosing System is available in sanitary, standard, explosion-protected, and custom designs to accommodate nearly any material in either loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight or volumetric feeding.