Gericke BBU Big Bag Unloader

Gericke Big Bag Station

The BBU Big Bag Unloader is available in a hygienic design that cleans easily, prevents bacterial growth, and blocks dust from escaping into the work environment. Developed for safe, complete discharge of powders and other bulk materials from bulk bags in sanitary environments, the hygienic BBU Big Bag Unloader features a fully welded, 100% stainless steel frame and hoist beam with a polished finish on contact parts that repels sticky materials and cannot harbor microbiological growth. The open frame invites complete access for cleaning and inspection and eliminates concerns over rust and paint while a dust-tight, single ring bag docking station with spillage ring seals the material inside during discharge. 

Ideal for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other powder processors, the hygienic bulk bag unloading station is also available with a series of optional accessories such as automated hoists, pneumatically operated bag closing systems, and empty bag disposal systems.