Volkmann VSHC dust collection system

Volkmann Dust Collection

Volkmann VSHC dust collection system is ATEX-certified as explosion-proof for providing a high level of protection in areas where an explosive atmosphere in the form of a combustible dust cloud is continuously present during normal operation. Devised for the quick cleanup of nuisance dust and spillage at hoppers, bag stations, tablet presses, and other equipment before it can trigger an explosion, the dust collector features the company's patented vacuum pump technology that automatically captures fine particulates and whisks them away for reuse or disposal without risk of ignition.
 Suitable for removing any type of ignitable fine powder with a Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) of greater than 1 mJ, including dense, 3D printing metal powders, the ATEX-certified dust control system comes complete with the vacuum pump, filter, automatic filter cleaning system, vacuum hose, pickup tool, and accessories, all set on a rolling platform. The explosion-proof vacuum is available in 18-, 14, and 10-inch diameters and ships fully assembled and ready for operation.