Charles Ross & Son Company Ribbon Blenders

Ross Pressure Feed Vessel Ribbon Blenders

ROSS Ribbon Blenders custom-built for multi-phase mixing come with an optional pressure feed vessel. Wherein minor liquid ingredients must be thoroughly blended into powder or other solids, a pressure feed vessel enables 100% discharge of the liquid component through a spray bar and into the blending zone, ensuring even mixing and consistent batches. The spray bar typically includes four or more spray nozzles so that liquids are uniformly distributed along the entire length of the blender. Designed for compressed air supply up to 20 pound-forces per square inch or higher or higher, a distinguishing characteristic of the pressure feed vessel is the absence of residual product in the piping. After the blending cycle, the pressure feed vessel can also assist with CIP/washdown. Available in various sizes to accommodate the required volume of the additive liquid phase, these vessels are mounted and plumbed to ROSS Ribbon Blenders which range from 1/2 to 500 cubic feet of working capacity.