Charles Ross & Son Company VersaMix VM-600

Ross Versa Mix Vm 600

ROSS VersaMix with solids/liquid injection manifold technology enable fast and efficient large-scale powder dispersion into low-viscosity liquids including resins, oils, melted waxes, emulsions, and aqueous solutions. With a 600-gal capacity dual-shaft mixer designed for deep vacuum levels. Featuring a High Shear Mixer with SLIM Technology, the rotor/stator assembly of the VM-600 creates a powerful suction that draws solids sub-surface, directly into the high-shear zone. 

Conveniently operated from a 15” HMI touchscreen with a customizable recipe system, this mixer allows for accurate and efficient batching based on speed, time, temperature and vacuum pressure. Digital valve controls; printing of batch ticket; interface with pumps and load cells; and other functions are also programmed into the mixer control panel.