National Bulk Equipment Inc. bulk material packaging system

National Bulk Equipment Inc Bulk Bag Filling

Priority performance requirements for this bulk bag filling system include improving operator interaction events for safety and efficiency, reducing material waste and increasing package throughput. The bulk raw material supplied to this NBE bulk bag filling system is highly abrasive, fine and dusty. The material temperature, when received at the bulk bag filler, is between 100- and 120-degrees F. 

To improve operator-equipment interaction this NBE bulk bag filler was designed with a cantilevered bulk bag support framework, eliminating vertical frame obstructions that impede operator accessibility. The NBE cantilevered bag support framework has a bag-load capacity of 4,000 poundsTo further improve operator safety and ergonomics, the cantilevered bulk bag support framework has NBE automatic, traversing rear bag loop hangers and an NBE automatic, traversing fill head.