Gericke Nibbler Lump Breaker

Gericke Nibbler Ecd Open Lores

The Gericke Nibbler lump breaker allows the distance between the cutting screen and paddles to be adjusted in seconds by up to 9 mm without tools. Featuring a range of preset cutting clearances, the Nibbler ensures the precise clearance is set for maximum cutting efficiency and throughput based on the material and target particle size while reducing residual material in the basket and saving the hours of disassembly needed to adjust its predecessor for changeovers. The versatile size reduction machine may be easily adjusted, cleaned, and quickly returned to service to process a wide range of materials and ingredients with a single unit. Suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutrition, and other processors, the latest Nibbler automatically reduces agglomerates, granules and other dry materials down to 1 mm using a low speed, high-torque, rotating paddle assembly that cuts the material without damaging the product, generating heat or releasing fine particles.