Gericke Double Shaft Multiflux Mixer

Gericke Gms Lab Mixer

 The Gericke Double Shaft Multiflux Mixer was developed to offer high speed, gentle and hygienic mixing capabilities in a low volume, tabletop model. While the existing lineup of batch mixers accommodates usable volumes up to 4,000 liters, the new laboratory batch mixer accommodates usable volumes from as low as one liter up to 20 liters for fast, repeatable mixing during new product development, formulating and testing, and other R&D tasks.

Expanding the Multiflux mixer line to seven models plus custom designs, the GMS Laboratory Mixer automatically directs the materials into a fluidized zone for fast yet gentle interactions that achieve a homogeneous mixture in cycle times of 30 seconds or less, even when mixing materials in small quantities below 0.01 percent. The benchtop mixer includes stainless steel construction as standard with a full-size access door for easy access to the mixing rotors, mixing chamber and entire interior for safe, complete cleaning.