Gericke GFT Sleeves

Gericke Gft Sleeves

The Gericke GFT Sleeves feature a thin, lightweight, durable design that seals connections between machines without applying significant weight or pressure to load cells. Manufactured from food grade vinyl methyl silicone (VMQ), the Gericke GFT Sleeves eliminate a factor in calculating batches by weight to support accurate feeding, mixing, pneumatic conveying and other processes that require highly accurate weight data. Developed as a hygienic method for linking processes in food, pharmaceutical, nutrition, chemical and other sanitary processes, the Gericke GFT Sleeves replace cumbersome clamps and polyester and textile sleeves that can trap materials in process with a sleek, translucent design that sets the sleeves between two mounting rings to form air-tight, waterproof connections. The FDA-compliant sleeves are free of Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA) and disassemble easily for quick cleaning. The line of sleeves comprises five sizes in diameters ranging from DN 65 to DN 200 mm (2.5.” - 8”).