Gericke Twin Centrifugal Sifter

Gericke Twin Sifter

Integrating two of the company's GS4-1542 sifters as a single unit, the Twin Centrifugal Sifter doubles the sieving area to 1.92 m2 for high throughput on a more compact footprint that saves floorspace. The powder sifter sets the two sifting machines side by side atop a common discharge with shared infeed, control panel and electrical system for a streamlined operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Devised to fit a high sifting capacity into a tight area, the Twin Centrifugal Sifter automatically separates powders, granules, and other dry, bulk materials into two product streams in particle sizes from 40 ยตm to 5 mm at up to 240 tons/hour. The proprietary design features a rotating paddle assembly that directs fine particles through a mesh screen and diverts oversized particles to the discharge at 99.9 percent efficiency. 

Available custom-engineered to suit each installation, the Twin Centrifugal Sifter comes in either carbon steel or stainless steel construction with a choice of sieving screen materials and designs.