Key Technology Reversible Zephyr Horizontal-Motion Conveyor

Key Reversible Zephyr

The Key Technology Reversible Zephyr Horizontal-Motion Conveyor gently moves product with minimal bounce to protect product quality and reduce noise. Now equipped to flow in either direction, the reversible Zephyr maximizes production line versatility while improving sanitation and minimizing maintenance. The reversible Zephyr is ideal for frozen bulk foods including potato products, fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, as well as dry products like potato chips/crisps, nuts and cereals. Zephyr’s unique motion profile gently slides and conveys product with no segregation or stratification, and it reduces product damage and the loss of coatings such as seasoning, batter and certain types of oil.

When integrated with pneumatic controls on the production floor, the reversible Zephyr allows processors to change direction of product flow with either the push of a button or automatically if fully integrated with the line. Reversible Zephyr can be configured to separate a single product stream to two side-by-side machines or even divert a single stream to two different downstream production lines to produce different products.