Otis Wild Things

O.T.I.S Wild Things are a lightweight and functional treat ideal for walks, dog parks or any other adventure you and your canine embark on. The packaging is 100% recyclable and made with 50% bio-based plant resin.

O.T.I.S  Wild Things Jerky is pasture-raised with ethically-sourced wild game proteins such as Bison, Venison and Elk. No artificial flavors or colors or preservatives; the jerkies contain up-cycled flaxseed and sustainable packaging to reduce waste.

O.T.I.S Soft Chews are available in Sit, Fetch and Stay formulas in a 60-count post-consumer recycled container. Soft Chews are available in Sit + CBD for small to medium dogs as well as Sit + CBD for medium to large dogs.

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