Gericke integrated sack tipping station and lump breaker

Gericke Nibbler Sack Tip Lores

Gericke integrated sack tipping station and lump breaker was developed to combine the bag emptying and size reduction steps in a compact, vertical orientation that reduces the footprint versus standard, side by side configurations. The convenient design saves floor space, fits neatly in tight layouts without disrupting existing processing lines and eliminates the need to link the equipment via conveyors or ductwork.

Set on durable casters as standard, the integrated sack tipping station and lump breaker may be moved easily from one processing line to another as production demands without requiring multiple units for significant cost savings. The bag break station may be separated from the lump breaker without tools to access the interiors for safe, complete cleaning.

When transferring bulk materials into the self-contained system, the sack tip station draws the materials inside to capture 100% of the material and prevent fine dust particles from escaping into the workplace. Then the powders, granules, pellets or other materials are fed into the Nibbler below for automated removal of agglomerates down to 1 mm without damaging the product, generating heat or releasing fine particles into the workplace.