Reading Bakery Systems 18-nozzle rotating die

Rbs 18 Row Nozzle Die Low Pressure Extruder

The Reading Bakery System rotating nozzle die creates spirally wound shapes while continuously extruding a rope of dough that is then cut into the popular twisted pretzel and stick products. The number of rotations made, and the speed of the extrusion can be controlled independently thus creating the possibility for a wide array of product shapes and textures.  Additionally, the design has incorporated gear-driven nozzles constructed of stainless steel with the internal nozzle inserts constructed of FDA approved sanitary plastics. These new components utilize a food-grade semi solid lubricant, instead of gear oil, that virtually eliminates the possibility of product contamination. The rotating nozzle die mounts directly onto all standard RBS Low Pressure Extruders to expand the systems flexibility.