PDC International Corp Zero-Downtime Dual Reel Unwind

Pdc Zero Down Time Dual Reel Unwind

The PDC Zero-Downtime Dual Reel Unwind means the machine continues to run during a shrink sleeve roll change. These are available not only on PDC machines, but also as stand-alone units, running with all brands of sleeve applicators. An operator can waste valuable line time each shift, pausing the machine, finding and splicing in a new roll of labels, before finally restarting the machine and production. Sensors on the unwind reels will detect that one roll is getting low and alert the operator. Once the roll ends, the tail end of the roll is clamped near the splicing table, convenient for performing the splice with the new roll. Material in the accumulator buffer is consumed while the operator splices in the next roll. By hitting reset, the material is unclamped and the accumulator refills, ready for the next roll change. Two versions of the Accumulator are available, both Single and Dual action. In the Single Action Stand, (46 ft. of material accumulation) the top bar is stationary and only the bottom bar raises and lowers during use. The larger and taller Dual Action Stand has both the top and bottom bars moving apart or closer. This provides a greater length (138 ft.) of material within the buffer, allowing for higher speed applications.