Automated Flexible Conveyor High-Temperature SPIRALFEEDER

Afc Spiralfeeder High Temps

High-Temperature SPIRALFEEDER flexible screw conveyors from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, safely accept heated powders, pellets and other bulk materials at infeed, and transfer them downstream. Often set at the discharge end of fluid bed dryers, ovens, rotary kilns and other process heating machinery, the high-temperature conveying systems feature a carbon steel or optional stainless steel outer tube and inner steel screw joined with high-temperature silicone and Teflon seals and gaskets throughout the design. A proprietary approach distances the drive mechanism from the hopper to minimize exposure to the high temperatures. Suitable for food and pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals, aggregates and other materials, mixtures, and blends. The AFC screw conveyors are proven to safely transfer a variety of coarse and fine solid and viscous materials with temperatures measuring up to 400 degrees F.