Brookfield Engineering Laboratories TA-SFJ sliding friction jig


Brookfield Engineering offers the TA-SFJ sliding friction jig which measures the coefficient of friction between two materials by sliding them against each other. The test apparatus utilizes the Brookfield CT3 tester to pull the weight in a horizontal direction so that the sliding friction between the two materials is measured accurately over a distance that is sufficient to verify steady state behavior. The TA-SFJ sliding friction jig is used to measure tactile qualities like smoothness, slipperiness or stickiness. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including lubricants and grease, personal care products and many types of surfaces and coatings. The CT3 tester is the best value in a stand-alone instrument for physical testing, according to the company, combining simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operating in both compression and tension modes.