Concetti bagging system lines handle any pack weight between 0.3 to 5 kilograms (0.7 to 11 pounds) or 1.5 to 20 kilograms (3.3 to 44 pounds). The lines handle open-mouth bags made from paper, coated woven polypropylene, polyethylene or aluminum foil. The bags can be with and without handles or closable zippers and with easy opening features, stabilos and other designs. All bag sizes, within the limits of the machine, can be handled giving the opportunity to exploit many sectors of the dry pet food market. Bags can be heat sealed or sewn closed as required. In addition to pre-made bags, the line has a form-fill-seal capability and can produce bags from low cost continuous reels of tubular polyethylene film giving the user the possibility of long production runs without the need to frequently replenish the bag magazine.

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