Thomas & Betts SuperClean Nylon Wall Offset


Thomas & Betts has released a SuperClean nylon wall offset offered specifically for food and beverage processors. The product is designed to help manufacturers quickly comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act in the US.

Many food and beverage plants are installing wall offsets to secure their equipment and service lines away from walls and other permanent surfaces. The SuperClean offset allows for 360-degree cleaning of all parts in NFC Zone 2 food and beverage preparation areas, which is a requirement of new food safety standards. 

The SuperClean offset is available in two sizes and can be stacked to offer easy and customized installation. For added protection against accidental contamination, the offset’s nylon material is blended with Ag+, a bacteria-resistant silver ion additive that has been shown to significantly reduce the growth of many microbes on the product surface.

“The SuperClean wall offset is uniquely configured to meet the needs of modern food and beverage plants,” said Mark Meyer, global product manager for metal framing systems at Thomas & Betts in Memphis, Tennessee. “New regulations, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act in the US, are requiring the repositioning of equipment, pipes and conduit so they are more thoroughly cleanable, but fabricating the parts that are needed to do that on-site is labor-intensive and expensive. The SuperClean wall offset is easier to install. Once it’s in place, the offset opens all surfaces to cleaning agents, and the addition of Ag+ to the nylon offers added protection against microbial growth between cleanings.”  

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