JWC Environmental monster industrial 7 SHRED grinder


JWC Environmental offers the monster industrial 7 SHRED grinder, built to fulfill the demands of product reduction for industrial applications such as in petroleum, agriculture, food processing, municipal solid waste and more. The 7 SHRED has stronger shafts which allow for greater torque and throughput. With a max horsepower of 100 HP (74 kw), the 7 SHRED is designed to stand up to applications requiring product reduction of up to 1500 ft3/h (42 m3/h). The 7 SHRED is designed to be horizontally mounted on a stand with a custom designed hopper to allow feed of solids from a conveyor, sluice or manual feed. Produced in three cutting chambers sizes, 30", 40" and 50"(762mm, 1016mm, 1270mm), and with 10" (254mm) diameter cutters, the product offers a variety of cutter type and thickness options to best suit your need in processing a medley of solids such as rocks, wood, plastics, bone, food waste and other textiles.

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