Bindicator F78MP Air Radar Series

The next generation of Bindicator’s air radar product offering has arrived with the F78MP Air Radar Series. The new series models, F78MP040 and F78MP100, measure up to 131 ft (40 m) and 328 ft (100 m), respectively, functioning at a 78GHz frequency. This high frequency provides a 4 degree beam angle, enabling precise measurements in difficult environments. The F78MP Series comes standard with 2-wire, DC power supply, air purge and a six step Quick Wizard; both aiming and flat flanges are available as options for mounting.

With the introduction of the new F78MP Air Radar Series, applications that may have been out of reach previously have now been unlocked. High angle of repose, dusty silos, or tanks with cross beams can now be measured easily for many materials, even including cement, plastics and other aggregate industries.

The F78MP Air Radar is easy to install with a quick wizard set-up that can be completed in minutes; it also requires minimal maintenance due to its design with no moving parts and a built-in emitter and antenna for protection against material build-up. This non-contact solution provides continuous level measurement for bulk materials in bins, tanks and silos. Accurate and reliable in difficult environments, the F78MP Air Radar Series is an ideal level meter for powder and bulk solid inventory management.

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