Conitex Sonoco BulkSak On-Demand


Conitex Sonoco USA, a manufacturer and distributor of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bulk bags as well as other packaging products, has launched BulkSak On-Demand, a web-enabled inventory program that provides new and existing customers on-demand access to over 70 types of ready-to-ship FIBC bags.

Conitex Sonoco created the BulkSak On-Demand program to address an industry need for quick access to domestically available bulk bag inventory.

Conitex Sonoco, with an FIBC manufacturing facility in Malvern, Arkansas, is a bulk bag supplier with US-based manufacturing as well as US warehouse locations. Conitex Sonoco is the North American headquarters of Conitex Sonoco N.V., a joint venture of Texpack Group N.V. and Sonoco Products Company.

β€œWith overseas manufacturing lead times ranging from 12-15 weeks or greater, an inventory shortage could be catastrophic to a bulk bag end-user,” said David Monteith, VP flexible products division at Conitex Sonoco. β€œThe BulkSak On-Demand program will supplement our existing domestic FIBC manufacturing and provide the opportunity for immediate shipments.”

The BulkSak On-Demand program will provide fast access to various standard bulk bags, as well as select specialty bulk bags and a wide range of flood and erosion control bags.  Most stocked inventory items ship the same day when ordered before 1:00 p.m. EST and are available in pallet quantities.  

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