Ross PowerMix Planetary Disperser

Ross Power Mix Planetary Disperser

The Ross PowerMix Planetary Disperser is designed for efficient heavy-duty mixing of viscous pastes and highly filled dispersions. Equipped with a high-speed saw-tooth blade and a planetary stirrer, the PowerMix can quickly incorporate large amounts of powders into a thick or sticky starting liquid. At the same time, the thorough folding action of the planetary stirrer and the chopping motion of the high-speed blade allows the PowerMix to handle dry powder blends and granulations. For example, it can accomplish multiple phases of a wet granulation procedure including blending, wet massing, drying and milling (particle size reduction).

Pictured is a Ross Model PDM-200 PowerMix with a working capacity of 200 gallons. A motorized hydraulic lift raises and lowers the agitators into the vacuum-rated mix vessel. Explosion-proof limit switches prevent operation of the drives when the mixer is in the raised position or when the mix can is removed. The disperser blade is adjustable anywhere along the shaft to accommodate different mixing capacities. This shaft is sealed by a dry-running magnetic seal for long service life. In addition, a liquid seal assembly isolates the upper gearbox area from dust and vapors.

 The heating/cooling jacket around the mix can is baffled to ensure proper flow throughout the sidewalls and bottom. The vessel is also supplied with a special base designed for easy transport using a forklift or pallet truck.