Ross VersaMix multi-agitator system

Ross Versa Mix Multi Agitator System

Ross introduces a new VersaMix multi-agitator system featuring a two-wing anchor, a gate agitator and a high-speed disperser. Ideal for processing viscous pastes and slurries, the new VersaMix delivers a unique combination of low, intermediate and high shear rates. Each agitator is independently driven, imparting a wide range of mixing intensities and flow patterns as the product changes rheologically throughout the batching cycle.

 VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers are offered from 1-gallon laboratory models to 4,000-gallon production models. Designed for gentle but thorough blending, the low-speed anchor agitator may be supplied with helical flights for improved top-to-bottom mixing. Hinged Teflon scrapers arranged in a staggered pattern on the anchor further optimize material and heat transfer. Like the anchor, the gate agitator also promotes bulk flow through horizontal cross bars designed to move material in the forward direction and vertical bars which induce backward flow. The high-speed shaft can include two or more adjustable disperser blade attachments to ensure rapid powder wet-out and accommodate varying batch sizes.