SYMACH FillStar bag filling machine

Symach Fill Star Bag Filling Machine

SYMACH, a part of Thiele Technologies, Inc., introduces a new, versatile bag filling machine – the FillStar. The FillStar is a part of Thiele’s Star Series bagger line which features machines designed for bagging all types of free-flowing product using laminated poly-woven, polyethylene and paper open-mouth bags. Other Star Series baggers include the UltraStar and the OmniStar.

The FillStar selects empty bags from a bag magazine, opens the bags and automatically places them onto the filling spout for filling from an overhead scale or filling device. Bags are presented under the spout by mechanical clamps which consistently maintain the form of the flat bag (including the gusset) until the bag is transported through the closing station.

Handling bag sizes ranging from 4kg to 50kg, the FillStar offers speeds of 20 bags per minute (using 25kg/bag) which totals more than 30 tons of product per hour. It also features high-speed automatic changeover for recipe changes, an intuitive operator interface that provides alarms and maintenance notices, as well as remote online support capabilities.

 Each element of the FillStar is thoughtfully designed and selected. The unique universal filling spout guarantees the maximum opening of the spout allowing for a large range of bag sizes for maximum product throughput. Constructed with FDA-approved high density polyethylene, it offers excellent sliding properties along with high impact strength and good wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction. The modular design of the machine allows the integration and option of a variety closing stations – including sewing, sealing and pinch-top - in the main frame. 

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