Ross Double Planetary Mixer with Discharge System

Ross Double Planetary Mixer With Discharge System

Designed for processing ultra-high viscosity applications up to 6 million centipoise or higher, the Ross Double Planetary Mixer with Discharge System is a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to a double-arm kneader.

Unlike double-arm or sigma-blade mixers (kneaders/extruders), the Double Planetary Mixer has no packing glands or bearings submerged in the product zone. In addition, the agitators are raised and lowered in/out of the mix by a hydraulic lift. This allows easy access for cleaning between batches. Mix cans are interchangeable for designation to a particular formulation, greatly reducing the risk for cross-contamination between batches. 

Sizes range from 1/2-pint to 750 gallons, with footprints considerably less than that of horizontal double-arm kneaders. After mixing, the vessel is easily rolled from the mixer and positioned under the platen of the Discharge System. The vessel is then raised and a receiving container is placed underneath it. As the platen is lowered hydraulically, it pushes down on the batch and an O-ring around the platen wipes the vessel sidewalls clean. Product is forced out through a valve on the bottom of the vessel.

 With the use of multiple mix cans, the Double Planetary Mixer is very effective in a semi-continuous process: while one vessel is under the mixer, other vessels in the loop are at the discharge station, being cleaned and/or loaded with raw materials for the next batch. This arrangement maximizes both machine and labor utilization.