Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AG feed analyzer

Thermo Scientific Micro Phazir Ag Feed Analyzer

Pet food manufacturers seeking a rapid, convenient and portable method for onsite nutritional analysis throughout the supply chain can now use the handheld Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AG feed analyzer.

First introduced in 2013, the microPHAZIR AG is a near-infrared (NIR) device originally designed for farm feed producers to enable on-the-spot testing of ingredients and finished products for quality and consistency. Now the instrument can also be calibrated for pet food manufacturers, allowing them to extend their testing protocols, conduct more frequent testing and generate accurate analysis on-site in the production of a wide range of pet food ingredients and finished goods. Pet food manufacturers can also use the instrument to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent industry regulations.

To address the specific requirements of the pet food industry, the microPHAZIR AG analyzer incorporates Aunir INGOT pet food calibrations. This database contains more than 25,000 samples and measures important parameters, such as protein and moisture, to verify the quality of ingredients and foods. The portable device enables rapid, accurate analysis at the production facility or offsite as part of remote supplier evaluations.

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